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Sep 1, 2021 Beautiful

By 2025, there will be a third more women than men on the planet, the World Health Organization (WHO) said last week.

The number of women on the ground will increase from 1.3 billion today to 1.5 billion by 2030, while the number of men will increase to about 1.7 billion.

As such, a third of the world’s population will be female by 2025.

The WHO said the new trend is driven by women seeking health care, and that this trend will continue as women continue to have more children.

The report also highlighted the importance of the environment, which will increase in importance.

“Women are increasingly seeking to influence the global environmental agenda, and this has led to an increase in the number and prominence of environmental NGOs, including NGOs working to address issues such as water and energy,” the WHO said.

“These new trends in women’s roles in the global health sector are a signal that gender inequality in many fields is deepening, especially in the health and human services industries.”

The WHO also highlighted that women are increasingly becoming more independent and autonomous.

“They are more likely to take charge of their own destinies and to pursue careers, with women making up about half of all women in management roles,” the report said.

Women have the ability to make decisions for themselves, with more than two-thirds of them in the workforce today, according to the report.

The global trend will have significant impact on the future of women’s economic and political rights, and it will also make the situation of women in certain sectors even more difficult.

According to the UN, women make up just 14.7 per cent of the population, but represent a staggering 61 per cent in the world workforce.

They also make up 60 per cent, on average, of those who hold government jobs.

As a result, women are being denied a degree or a post of government service in almost all countries.

“The trend to greater gender equality is being reflected in the most unequal societies in the history of the human species, such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Syria and Pakistan,” the UN said.

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