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What you need to know about horse-themed events in Australia

Australia has some of the best horse-related events in the world, with some of Australia’s top horse shows being held in the country.

These events can be an opportunity for Australians to watch the country’s favourite animals and get inspired with a passion for horse culture.

Here’s what you need for an Australian horse-centric holiday.


Horse Festivals, Towns, and Countryside Events: Australia has a long tradition of horse festivals, but the horse festivals of Australia are unique.

They take place on a number of countryside and local countryside events in different locations throughout the country and across different seasons.

The festivals include a variety of different events, ranging from the big and the small, to local horse festivals and even the horse show itself.

Horse festivals can also be a great opportunity for local businesses to get involved with horse tourism, as they have the potential to raise funds for horse-friendly businesses.


Horse Festival of Australia, Melbourne The annual Melbourne Horse Festival takes place in Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria.

The festival draws over 600 people and boasts the largest horse show in the city.

The event is organised by the Australian Horse Festival Alliance, and takes place on July 22, 23, and 24 each year.

The annual event is held every year at the Melbourne Horse Fairgrounds, where there is a free ticket lottery to win tickets for the show.


Horse Parade, Townsville The annual horse parade is held in Townsville every September.

This event attracts over 40,000 people and attracts more than 10,000 animals, as well as many children.

The parade is organised in partnership between the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, and the Victoria Council of Aboriginal Communities.

The main focus of the event is to honour and promote Aboriginal culture, heritage and traditions.

The Horse Parade is also an opportunity to see how the horses live, interact and interact with each other, with the community, and with eachother.


Australian Horse Fest, Towns A festival takes place every July in Towns.

It is held at the Mowbray Horse Fairground and attracts over 200 people and is organised on the last day of July.

The Festival includes a number a horse races, and a live entertainment programme that features live music, speeches, horse shows and more.


Royalty Show, Towns Royalty shows are a popular event for Australians who like horse-mounted entertainers and have the opportunity to try out new rides, such as the Goshawk and the Kootenay Rider.

This is the third annual Royalty show, and attracts around 100 people to the Royalty Stables.

The Royalty Shows are organised by a number Aboriginal and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders, and they are held at Aboriginal cultural sites around the country, such the Dampier Creek Reserve and the Rottnest Island Heritage Reserve.

The show also includes a range of entertainment, including live entertainment, entertainment, a horse show and more, and offers the opportunity for families to get together with friends for an afternoon of horse-raising, horse riding and other fun activities.


National Horse Festival, Towns It is also the fourth annual Australian Horse Show, which takes place annually at the Royal Melbourne Horse Park in the City of Melbourne.

The National Horse Show is held annually at Melbourne’s City Hall and attracts the largest audience of horse fans anywhere in the state.

The inaugural National Horse show was held on the final day of May, with over 10,800 people taking part.


Royal Horse Festival Melbourne, Towns This annual event brings together more than 70,000 attendees for a three-day celebration.

It takes place at the Grand Parade Grounds, where over 1,200 horses from around the world will compete for the honour of being crowned the ‘Best Horse’ in the World.

It also has an exciting array of live entertainment and an opportunity of young people and adults to interact with horses for an hour.


Australian Show of Horsemanship, Towns Australia has one of the largest Royal Horse Show competitions in the nation.

This year’s event is staged in the heart of Townsville, with around 30,000 participants from across the state competing for the title of ‘Best Royal Horse’.

The competition features a variety show of horses from all over the country including Australian, British, Australian Staffordshire, Scottish, French, and even French Bulldog.

The ‘Royal Show of Horses’ is held on Saturday July 22 and 23, where it is the first time in Australian history that a British horse will compete in the event.


Australian Royal Show of Shows, Towns The Royal Show Of Shows, a major Australian show of shows, is held during the summer months at the Adelaide Royal Showgrounds.

The competition includes four categories of horses including the Australian Royal Highland, Australian Royal Derby, and Australian Royal Cross.


Royal Festival of Horse, Towns Another major Australian event is the Royal Festival Of Horse Shows, which has been held in Adelaide since 1993

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