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‘Busted!’ Suho Beauty Supply Store has been busted in the US for allegedly selling fake brands

SUHO, South Korea — A South Korean beauty supply chain has been raided by US authorities and accused of selling fake beauty products online.

According to a report by ABC News, a US customs inspection in the South Korean city of Suho found more than $40,000 worth of fake products in the store, and the Department of Homeland Security said it was investigating the business.

In its statement, the US Customs and Border Protection said it had been notified about a “suspicious activity” in Suho in February.

“Customs has taken swift action to investigate this case and is working with local authorities to seize counterfeit goods and return them to the U.S.,” it said.

On Monday, U.K. authorities seized a shipment of 20,000 beauty products in a customs raid.

U.K.-based cosmetics retailer Suho said the items were not counterfeit but it is cooperating with authorities.

The company said it has suspended sales and was “in the process of removing” products.

The raids came after a report in April from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which said counterfeit beauty products were being sold on the Internet.

The report said the fake products were made in China.

According the agency, in 2015, UBS, China’s largest brokerage, was fined $25 million for a similar crackdown.

Earlier this year, a U.N. agency found that South Korean cosmetics company Suho was selling fake products on the U-verse internet shopping platform, according to Reuters.

Beauty supply store in a nursing home will offer sleeping beauty fairys

A beauty supply store is opening its doors to nursing home residents in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Nurses Association announced Wednesday that they have purchased a 24,000 square foot space in the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services building in Raleigh, NC.

The association has also purchased a two-story space at the North Cascades Regional Health Center in Asheville, NC, and plans to expand to the North Dakota State University Medical Center in Fargo.

The new facility will be located at the north side of the North American Medical Center Building, and will be accessible only by wheelchair.

The nursing home community, however, will still be able to access the building’s entrance.

“Nursing homes are a very diverse community, and we’re thrilled to be able bring a wide range of products to the space,” said Julie Brown, vice president of marketing for the NorthCascades Association of Nursing Homes.

“We are excited to offer our customers more choices and convenience with our products, and look forward to expanding our offerings to the nursing homes in the future.”

The NorthCascade Nurses’ Association is one of the largest nonprofit nursing home associations in the U.S.

The nursing homes are typically run by state-run agencies or private corporations, but they are able to make a profit through sales of nursing home supplies and services.

They are also able to provide services such as home visits, medical evaluations and home care, as well as help patients stay healthy.

According to the Association, its members serve more than 3.4 million residents, and they have received more than $7 billion in public and private support.

What you need to know about the beauty supply chain

There are more than 200 beauty supply stores in the UK, with more than 1,200 of them in the country.

There are around 20,000 beauty products on sale every day and they are sold through about 40 retail outlets across the country, according to the Association of Beauty Supply Chain Directors.

They say that the industry needs to be fully supported by the Government, which they say is still struggling to understand the sector and its business models.

“They are still figuring it out.

They have got very little understanding of what the business model is,” said Claire McManus, from the UK Association of the Beauty Supply Store Directors.

“What is the business?

Why are they selling the products?

How do they get the product out to consumers?”

The industry needs the Government to be able to fully support it Claire McNeill, Association of Business Development for the Beauty Suppliers, told BBC News.

“The beauty supply business is in crisis.

There is a lack of clarity about how to fund this sector, which is very, very important for the industry.”

There are a number of reasons for this.

For one, the retailing model is currently being worked out.

The UK has more than 20,500 beauty supply outlets and about 40% of them are owned by private businesses.

There was also a £7 billion deal with Walmart last year.

And in the past few years, the Government has been making a push to introduce a beauty tax, which was due to come into force in April.

But it was cancelled by the Cabinet last week.

There’s also a lack the information around the industry and what it means for businesses, which could see many struggling financially in the long term.

Claire Mcmanus said: “We need the Government of the day to be properly understanding what the beauty industry is, how it operates and what the potential outcomes are.”

The Association of Small Businesses said that the government was still struggling with how to respond to the new tax.

The group is concerned that the tax could have a negative impact on business, particularly in the small and medium-sized retailers that make up a huge portion of the industry.

“We are worried that the new rules are not fully aligned with the retail industry’s business models,” said the group’s executive director, Alison Williams.

“It’s not just the retailers that are impacted by the new regulations but also small and independent businesses.”

We’re also concerned that, even with the introduction of the new retail rules, the changes will not be fully implemented by April 2018, which would see many businesses unable to sell products.

“The new tax The new beauty tax was due in April but was scrapped on Tuesday by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The Treasury has now announced that it will “re-introduce a new £7.20 per tonne excise on all cosmetics and personal care products by 2018”.

The Government said it would work with retailers and manufacturers to develop a new approach to the tax and to provide support to small and small businesses.

“Small businesses are struggling with higher prices and are struggling to compete with the huge amount of products they have to compete on.””

The industry needs support now more than ever,” she said.

“Small businesses are struggling with higher prices and are struggling to compete with the huge amount of products they have to compete on.”

There is no clarity around the tax or what it will mean for small and large businesses in the beauty sector.

We have already seen some retailers, such as Tesco, that are planning on re-opening on time. “

There is a lot of support around the business from the retailers and suppliers that are already on board with it.

The beauty industry in the south-west Claire Mcallister from the British Beauty Supply Association, said that she had spoken to some small business owners about the tax, and said that they had been encouraged to work with the Government and help them to plan for the future. “

Others have already started re-launching on time.”

The beauty industry in the south-west Claire Mcallister from the British Beauty Supply Association, said that she had spoken to some small business owners about the tax, and said that they had been encouraged to work with the Government and help them to plan for the future.

“I’m also very hopeful that we will see a very successful and competitive market and that we can continue to have the confidence that the beauty community in the region will benefit from this change.”

They are struggling and they need support to survive.””

These small businesses need support now.

They are struggling and they need support to survive.”


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