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A new model for a ‘beautiful’ gowns is in the works for women of color

An online marketplace is hoping to revolutionize the way women of all backgrounds can shop for their next fashion or home decor.

The New York-based Beauty Insider aims to be a platform for brands that want to be seen as truly “authentic,” and is aiming to make buying for women, especially black and Hispanic women, easier.

“It’s really important to make it accessible for all of us,” said Stephanie Bouchard, Beauty Insider’s founder and CEO.

“It’s a huge opportunity to bring people together.”

The platform is currently in the early stages of development and is looking for new designers and editors to help the platform develop its products and create a “custom” store.

The company says the store will be launched in June, with plans to open more stores in the future. 

The Beauty Insider has been created to offer consumers access to designer brands that are diverse in color, design and culture.

Bouchards’ goal is to make that happen by bringing together different communities.

Bouchard said she was inspired to start the company after a long-term relationship with a designer who had a store in New York City.

Bunchard’s partner in the New York venture is a designer from a black-owned family.

The partnership began with Bouchards own mother.

“My mom was a part of the community,” Bouchars said.

“She had the opportunity to go and meet her clients and meet with them and see their stories.

We wanted to do something to get that experience and that story out there.”

Boucharons first store was in the city of Los Angeles.

She said that’s where the idea for the company first began.

“I was really excited to see that the black community was really connected to fashion,” she said.

The store also served as a place for black women to shop, she said, and Boucharcons experience as a designer helped her connect with other black women and other designers in the community. 

Bouchards goal is not to replace the fashion industry but to be “a place where women of any color can shop,” she explained.

“There’s so much more to this world than a black man.”

Boothard said that the site also hopes to offer a more accessible experience for people of color by providing products that are not only comfortable, but also “look good” and “cost effective.”

The beauty product range will include “sportswear,” which is made up of “beauty and comfort” products, and “glamour and luxury” products that range from $75-$150.

“What we’re trying to do is to have a marketplace that is accessible for people, but has a cost-effective value for the brands,” Bunchas CEO said. 

“Our goal is that we can really provide affordable beauty products that people can afford,” she added. 

Beauty Insider plans to launch in six markets across the United States, Canada and Europe by the end of the year.

Bouncy dress and makeup designer Nina Bouchart (left) is the founder and co-CEO of the company.

The site hopes to launch an online store in June.

(Courtesy of Beauty Insider)Bouchars hopes that Beauty Insider can help bring together designers who represent a variety of ethnicities and communities.

She also hopes that the platform will be used to provide “authenticity” to the online community, and will help to “break down barriers.”

“We’re trying not to create a stereotype,” Baughs co-founder said.

“We want people to feel comfortable shopping online and shopping at a local business.

We want people of all ages to feel welcome.”

The company also has plans to expand the service to include “premium” brands, which Bouchaards stated would include brands that include items like hair and makeup, hair and nail care, and fragrances and fragranced products.

Bouches products will be sold in a range of styles, but will also include an array of “unique” styles that will be designed for the individual user.

For example, Bouchas hair products will feature a special hair-dressing formula, which she said will not only provide a unique look, but a more “natural” look. 

All the product are currently on sale for $69.99 a piece, which is currently a good price for beauty products.


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