How to get rid of your annoying baby hairs

Sep 8, 2021 travel

I’ve been a mum for nearly 20 years now.

I don’t get annoyed by my baby hairs anymore, and I don`t miss them.

And now, thanks to a new treatment, I have a lot less of them.

My daughter, who is just nine months old, has been using this facial hair removal cream.

It`s a simple procedure.

You simply brush the scalp, massage it with warm water, rinse the facial hair and leave it overnight.

When it starts to feel dry, gently massage it again with warm or cold water.

After the procedure, your daughter is ready to go for her first shower.

The cream comes in a bottle, which is placed on the shower floor.

When you rub it on your daughter`s scalp, the product will release a powerful shampoo.

You can choose to use this as a facial wash or a wash for the rest of the day, or you can use it for a week, depending on your child`s needs.

The process is simple.

I started with a gentle scrubbing of the scalp.

Once my daughter was done, I placed a clean towel over her head.

Then, I rubbed the facial hairs on her scalp and left it overnight at room temperature.

After a few hours, I brushed the hair with warm, neutral water.

My daughter did not have any problems washing it off.

It did not affect her appearance or her hair growth at all.

After the hair had dried, I washed the face and neck.

As I cleaned her face, I noticed that she had a little bit of a reddish-brown streak on her cheek.

This is due to a small protein in the skin called keratin, which causes redness and itching around the cheek.

It was only after I took her hair straight off that I noticed this streak on the face.

A quick shower after I washed her face and she had left the house that I saw this reddish color on her neck.

This was the first time I noticed any skin damage from my daughter.

Since I have been using the cream for a while, my daughter is able to sleep in her own bed.

I do not get the same itchiness anymore, which I used to feel every night.

If you are worried about your daughter getting acne or skin problems, you can rinse off the cream before you put it on her.

It is very easy to use, and there are no chemicals or preservatives in the cream.

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