Beauty shop in the Jewish Quarter gets ‘Made in America’ sign

Aug 16, 2021 travel

A beauty shop in Jerusalem’s Old City, the neighborhood with the most Orthodox Jews, received a “Made in the USA” sign from a local company.

The company is the same company that manufactures Ivanka Trump’s products, and the sign was installed last month.

The “Made In the USA!” sign was made from a 1.5-meter-high wooden fence, and it was attached to the back of the shop.

The shop’s owner, Shai Geva, said he wanted to pay homage to Ivanka Trump and her family by making a statement about “American-made products.”

“We want to show how American-made items can be,” he said.

“We have a lot of American products, we don’t have a single Israeli product.

It’s our responsibility to make our products better.

We want to make them better.”

Geva added that he wants to make his business more “progressive” by adding new products and improving the service.

“I don’t like to work from home, I don’t want to work for someone else,” he added.

It wasn’t just Ivanka Trump, it’s all Americans. “

So I decided to create something for people who have a certain idea about America.

It wasn’t just Ivanka Trump, it’s all Americans.

The world has changed.

People are tired of the status quo.

We need to create new American products.”

The shop opened in 2015, but it was only open for a few weeks when it was forced to close for renovations due to the fire, according to The Jerusalem Times.

The owner of the store said he didn’t expect it to be featured in the “Made” banner.

“My shop has been closed for three years, but we want to stay open,” he told the newspaper.

“What the world needs is a new America.

A new America that represents the values of the world.

And a world that values the Jewish people.”

The Jerusalem shop’s owners hope to reopen soon.

Geva said he plans to expand his business and open more beauty shops.

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